Rubber Sheets for Bed Wetting

Rubber sheets used to be the go-to solution for nighttime bed wetting, dirt, and spills. A quick internet search shows that rubber sheets may still be available from sites such as Target, eBay and, but are they really the best solution? The problems with rubber sheets are many: they are bulky and heavy, tend not to last long for the cost, they are really not very comfortable, and they hold body heat, rather than allowing it to dissipate, causing increased night time sweating. Rubber SheetCheck on for more info. These days, there are a wide range of products that not only last longer than traditional rubber bed sheets, but provide greater comfort, as well.

Alternatives to Rubber Sheets

According to Bedwetting Store, a rubber and flannel combination sheet is not slippery, feels soft to the touch, and will not trigger allergies to latex. They can also be machine washed and dried for easy care.Vinyl is an extremely popular and inexpensive solution to the question of mattress care. They are lightweight, they cost relatively little, and they do a great job of protecting your mattress from bed wetting, spills, dirt, bed bugs, and dust mites. A more durable 6G vinyl version is available for those who need heavy duty protection and longer wear. As with rubber, the vinyl sheets may cause excess sweating, due to lack of ventilation.

Another great solution is a cover made from polyurethane. While the polyurethane bottom of the cover is waterproof, the top is made from absorbent terrycloth. This also makes it a comfortable choice, as the user can sleep directly on the cover. These come in both fitted and zip closure designs. They are machine washable, and even come with a ten-year warranty, which speaks to their durability.

Another easy way to protect against bed wetting is to purchase an anchor band pad. This is a mattress pad that is anchored by corners made from elastic bands. These are easy to use and can fit any mattress, even if the size or height is irregular, such as a waterbed frame insert mattress, a pull-out sofa, or a mattress with a non-standard shape. With so many alternatives to choose from, users should be able to find a workable solution at a reasonable cost, no matter how frequent or severe the bed wetting issue.