We are in the automation age. Top rated sewing machine makers such as Juki, Singer, Brother and Janone have produced top notch machines that are the best to pick from if you are working on a sewing project. First, different machines are dedicated to different purposes.

  • Combined (All in One) Machines – they are can do both embroidery and straight stitching. They are the most reliable offering best quality works. They are however, costly.
  • Embroidery Machines – they are dedicated to offering embroidery options only. You will require another machine of different type if you need straight stitching.
  • Singer 9960 Quantum Stylist – One of highly rated embroidery machines. It comes with 600 in built stitches, 13 of them being automatic. Most of its functions are automated; such as determining stitch width and length, thread cutting and up and down needle button. It goes at $357.
  • Singer 9970 – It is a computerized embroidery machine with over 1000 stich functions with 600 being in built. You will have 5 fonts to pick from as you enhance your sewing projects. What makes this most outstanding is its autopilot, ensuring automated speed management and control. It goes at $364
  • Bernina Artista 635 – It is a limited edition highly sophisticated embroider that comes with an incorporated freehand design option, an outstanding feature. With this machine, you can add stitches to your projects that appear as if they were handmade (even your signature). It also offers a range of stitch animations that guides you on what to do.
  • Serger Machines – they doesn’t offer any particular sewing options. They are used to adding finishing touches main sewing jobs of any type. They offer basic finishing while adding enhancements that improve the overall appeal of your sewing job.

  • Brother 1034D – It has two sewing options, 3 and 4 thread serger. What makes outstanding among its peers is its ability to work well on very thin and stretchy fabrics. All sewing instructions are have color codes making it incredibly easy to use. The fact it is cheap does not compromise its great performance, going at a fairly reasonable price.
  • Janone 8002D – it can perfom 1,300 stiches in a minute. With this serger machine, your sewing projects will be finished unpuckerd with smooth unstretched edges.
  • JUKI MO644D – It is a portable serger sewing machine. Considering its looks, it isn’t the most appealing serger machine. Besides, you will require some extra tools just to thread it. The machine is however, portable and is fascinatingly flexible, allowing you to switch the 1/2/3 modes hustle free. It occupies less space and affordable.
  • JUKI Pearl Line MO-654DE – It is an all metal machine with an incorporated instructional kit. It offers valuable finishing functions at a fair price.